RETROGRAMME is a Washington DC area electronic music act whose 2008 debut album cultivated a underground buzz in the area with its beautiful atmospherics and considerably wide-range of electronic progressions from industrial rock to ambient soundscapes. Rob Early, the principal synthesist and programmer, Nikk Allen, the primary songwriter, Dmitry Pavlovsky , the lead vocalist and Chad Collier, live keyboards and vocals, have a musicianship that is influenced by many different genres of electronica, Their styles have been compared to New Order, Underworld, Gary Numan and other classic live electronic acts.

Retrogramme have been twice featured on BBC6's Tom Robinson's Introducing series, and have been reviewed in several electronic/gothic-based music magazines including ReGen, Side-Line and Dark Grave.

Their music is also currently streaming on several web radio stations including and, and have been featured in many podcasts including Sony's WaveForm podcast.

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