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Two years in the making, Retrogramme’s new album “For Our Dearly Departed is now available!

  1. 1.   Save Without A Grudge

  2. 2.   Patricia

  3. 3.   My Advice

  4. 4.   Heaven Is Closer Than You Think

  5. 5.   Milanah

  6. 6.   Sanctuary

  7. 7.   Temporary Love (Retrogramme ReKonStrct

  8. 8.   Fell Upon Deaf Ears

  9. 9.   My Advice (Selfish Boy RekonStrct)

  10. 10.  Heaven Is Closer (Models and Machines Remix)

  11. 11.  Cancer Remissed (Force Drift vs Retrogramme)

  12. 12.  Patricla (Your Dirty Habit Remix)

Available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody and Spotify

Coming Soon on Google Music